Meet Axel.
A virtual assistant who helps managers drive their team to success.
2 min ago

Hey @Tom ! Let’s prepare your upcoming 1-on-1 with your manager

Let’s go! 🚀
Set rituals.
Pre-made or custom.
Efficient rituals
1-on-1s, Checkins, Meetings preparation... Set 🗝 rituals in a few clicks and get the best out of your team.
Set key team rituals.
Get reports.
And a lot more.
1-on-1s module
Integrate all your 1-on-1s in a few clicks and make the best out of these key meetings
Take the temperature of your team on a regular basis and identify potential issues that require an action from yours
Team meetings preparation
Set preparation survey for your employees before each team meeting to optimize this recurrent process and save time on it.
Your own ritual
Create rituals from scratch to fit to your team specific needs and values
Get your employees insights and feedback, spot any red flags and take actions accordingly
You might ask...
What is Axel?
Axel is a virtual assistant full of advice and tips, who helps you being a better manager in an intuitive way.
Is it yet another tool for me?
Managers have too many tools nowadays, don’t you think so ? 🤔
That’s why Axel is directly integrated on Slack. Other messaging tools are coming soon.
Is Axel the right assistant for me?
Axel fits to every manager as soon as you want to improve your way of managing your team and drive them to success 🚀